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NEO Business Solutions

BRONZE (5) Social Media Content Creation Subscription

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The Bronze Social Media Content Creation Package is developed for small businesses in mind offering an affordable and lightweight social media solution. This package is perfect for off-season businesses that have a small following to keep their page up-to-date. Perfect for Contractors in the Off-Season.

Compelling Social Media that converts.

Package includes 4 compelling and branded posts per month PLUS 1 BONUS Post for a total of 5 Posts per month.

Billed per Package.
Pricing is as follows:
1 Month Regular: $199.99 Now: $189.99
3 Month Regular: $599.99 Now: $539.99 (equals $179.99/month)
6 Month Regular: $1,199.99 Now: $1,019.99 (equals $169.99/month)
12 Month Regular: $2,399.99 Now: $1,919.99 (equals $159.99/month)